Monday, June 20, 2011

Spring 2011 Work Pt. 2

This was our last assignment in vis dev this semester. It was a character design project. We had two choices and I chose to design the Widow Ching Pirate who is based off of this person

We also had to design her a sidekick so I chose to give her a Chinese snub nosed monkey named Bao Bao. I did like this project a lot. It was required that we design them "realistically" so I was a little mad at first, but it forced me to do a lot of things I don't normally do so I learned a lot in the process.

Spring 2011 Work

So here are the projects I did this semester. This is the reason why my roommates almost never saw me...combined with the Green Ninja animatic. The first was a project in which we had to design a kitchen based off of Gary Soto's writings and childhood. The perspective and ellipses were my biggest problems =_=

Then we had to do a treehouse also based off of Gary Soto's writings and childhood. Yeah...pretty sick of that guy now lol And after we thought we were done, we had to do them again! So there are two versions. I'll admit I like how the second batch came out more.

Then we got assigned a character design assignment from Nickelodeon to teach us character design. It was super awesome and I learned a lot XD Basically we had to design either a female wolf in sheep's clothing, or a male rhino in female's clothing. I chose the wolf and this is what I did. Somehow she won 2nd place out of many, many awesome designs and I'm so grateful for that.