Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Photo Challenge

At the start of last month, I decided to do the January Photo a day Challenge from Instagram. But instead of photos, I decided to do drawings. Basically, this was posted by someone on Instagram that I follow, and I thought it would be fun to look at the words and try to come up with an image to draw or paint instead of simply taking photos:

It ended up being really fun. Gonna try to do a Feb one too starting tomorrow. I had a busy weekend so I'm behind! But I'll catch up. Until then, here's my January challenge in drawings :) The ones that require explanation I will copy and paste what I wrote on ig. Or you can click the title of each and see them on ig as well :3

Day 1: Selfie

Day 2: Perfume

"This is a representation of my two favorite perfumes, warm vanilla sugar by bath and body and sugar sugar by Tokyo milk XD"

Day 3: Eyes

"I'm liking how doing these I'm remembering not to go for the most obvious idea first lol"

Day 4: Goals

Day 5:  Smile

"I've had a huge crush on Hayden Christensen for the past 12 years, ever since in saw him in Episode 2 XD I chose to draw him as his character from Life as a House, cuz he had blue hair in it ;) omg he's so hot hahaha I was fan girling so hard looking up pics of him for this XD;;;"

Day 7: Baby Pic

 "I decided to do a drawing of me as a baby with my mom instead of just baby me, which is what I was gonna do first lol"

Day 8: Handwriting 

"1. I'm obsessed with cupcakes and sweets in general 2. I love Cirque du Soleil and secretly wish I could work for them lol 3. I love dream interpretation and studying the supernatural 4. I still can't sleep without my stuffed bear Bart, who I have had since I was 9 years old 5. I love to dance. My favorite types are modern, contemporary, ballet, jazz , and hip hop 6. I am a gamer girl >:3 7. I rarely drink and I think alcohol is yucky xp 8. I collect my ticket stubs from all the movies I see 9. Before I decided on animation, I thought about going to school for forensics and criminal psychology 10. I believe in silly things like fairies and elves XD"

Day 11: Boots

Day 12: Nails

"This is how fairies get their wings. Sort of like how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly."

Day 15: Song

"This was inspired by my friend Gwen who writes and sings his own music. He's super good!"

Day 16: Jewelery

Day 17: Hair

 I had 2 ideas for Hair, but the first one is the one I counted for the challenge. However, I really like the second one too.

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." I don't really have a favorite quote but I've always liked this one. I thought Dr. Suess said it, but some credit it to a Robert Fulghum. So I'm not sure who said it now lol 

"Well I don't really have a favorite sport. But dance is my second love. There are some days I love it more than drawing. Usually if I'm having a bad day I just turn on some music and freestyle and it makes me feel so much better. I love all types but my favorites are modern/contemporary, ballet, jazz, and hip hop. It's my dream to start a dance crew and choreograph a duet between a breaker and a ballet dancer (to Deadmau5's Strobe) So I decided to draw that :)"

Day 21: Dream Car

"I've always wanted a pink Volkswagen Beetle ever since the 2000 version came out. But now, I'd love the newest version XD I don't draw cars often so I'm meh about it. Tried to mess with the proportions a little bit lol"

Day 22: Friends

 "For the past few years, my mother has told me that she sees a cat and a duck that are always together near the local Marshall's in my home town. She says that anywhere the duck goes, the cat is there. She told me she thinks they are friends. Well I just think that's super amazing. If a cat and a duck can get along, why can't people?"

Day 23: Silly Face

"My parents are moving out of the house I grew up in. Packing up everything, you find a lot of old photos and yearbooks lol"

Day 25: Sun

Day 26: Family

"I've been seeing a lot of commercials with interracial couples, which makes me really happy. I remember some people were complaining about the Cheerios one =_= so dumb."

Day 28: Make Up

Day 29: Lock Screen

"I've been using the indigo looking dynamic wallpaper since iOS 7 came out. I think it's really pretty and relaxing :)"

Day 30: Outside

"I feel I had a painting breakthrough with this one."

Day 31: Mirror Selfie

End :3