Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Advanced VisDev Final: The Looking Glass Wars

So this was the final I did for VisDev this semester. We were given the choice of a few sci fi authors and we could pick any story we wanted by them to design characters and environments for. I decided to ask the teacher if I could design for one of my all time favorite books: The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor. I think they are making a movie out of it soon, which I'm excited for, but I wanted to do some designs for it before the movie comes out.

The Looking Glass Wars tells the "true story" of Alice in Wonderland. Wonderland is ruled by imagination, to which there is a light and a dark side. Princess Alyss of Wonderland has a powerful imagination. Her mother is Queen of wonderland. One day, Alyss' evil Aunt Redd kills her parents to take over Wonderland. Alyss' bodyguard Hatter Madigan rescues her and escapes with her to the Pool of Tears, which transports her to England, and Hatter to Paris. They end up being separated for 13 years. Alyss grows up being told that Wonderland never existed and that she made it up in her head. She eventually meets Lewis Carroll and asks him to write a book about Wonderland so she can prove to everyone she was telling the truth. But Carroll writes her story wrong, and that's how Alice in Wonderland came to be as we know it today.

Anyways, here are my designs. I did a lot of characters because I love doing them the most. I also saw it as a serious 2D type of animated thing, so designed with that in mind.

Alyss Heart (age 7)

Alyss Heart (age 20)

Redd Heart

Hatter Madigan

Dodge Anders

 The Cat

 The Cat (Disguise)

 Pool of Tears

 Arrival in London

 The Whispering Woods

And here is the pre vis stuff I did at the start of the project: