Sunday, June 1, 2014

February, March, and April Photo Challenges

 Back in January, I completed an Instagram photo challenge buy doing drawings instead of photos. I was able to do the same for February and March, but was unable to post the drawings because I got busy. I also started one for April, but could not finish because of said business :( I plan to start one for June, so I figured I'd post the ones I have done before I start hating them too much to post. It's only been a few months and I already cringe when I look at them lol I'm too lazy to copy all of the descriptions from the individual pieces like I did for January haha... So if you want to know more about any of them, you can see that on my Instagram. (PS Does anyone know why blogspot feels the need to turn the white bgs in some of the drawings into a light grey? Maybe it's just my comp but it totally pisses me off and ruins the images. Oh well, guess it's time to get a real website anyways lol) So here is the list I found on Instagram for February:

 Day 1: Your View Today

 Day 2: Words

 Day 3: Hands

 Day 4: A Stranger

Day 5: 10 a.m.

Day 6: Dinner

 Day 7: Button

Day 8: Sun

 Day 9: Front Door

 Day 10: Self Portrait

Day 11: Makes You Happy

 Day 12: In Your Closet

Day 13: Blue

 Day 14: Heart

 Day 15: Phone

 Day 16: Something New

Day 17: Time

Day 18: Drink

 Day 19: Something You Hate To Do

 Day 20: Handwriting

Day 21: Music

 Day 22: Where You Work

 Day 23: Your Shoes

Day 24: Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet

Day 25: Green

 Day 26: Night

Day 27: Something You Ate

 Day 28: Something You're Listening To


Day 1: You

Day 2: Breakfast

Day 3: Something You Adore

 Day 4: Letterbox

Day 5: Something You Wore

Day 6: Makes You Smile

Day 7: Favorite

Day 8: Your Sky

Day 9: Daily Routine

Day 10: Childhood

Day 11: Where You Sleep

Day 12: Close-Up

Day 13: In Your Bag

Day 14: Something You're Reading

Day 15: Happiness

Day 16: Morning

Day 17: Water

Day 18: Something You Bought

Day 19: Sweet

Day 20: Someone You Love

 Day 21: Reflection

Day 22: Your Shoes

Day 23: Something Old

Day 24: Guilty Pleasure

 Day 25: Something You Made

Day 26: Color

Day 27: Lunch

Day 28: Light

Day 29: In Your Fridge

Day 30: Nature

Day 31: You, Again

April (unfinished :((... )

Day 1: Something Purple

Day 2: In My Hand

Day 3: Shapes

Day 4: Good Together

Day 5: Not Mine

Day 6: A Taste of Spring/ Autumn

Day 7: Where I'd Rather Be

Day 8: Hobby

Day 9: Dark

That's all for now :3 Hopefully I'll have better luck completing June's challenge.

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